Jul 312015

To break the habits of a lifetime, one has to allow a little madness into one’s life.

If you have spent the best part of your middle-age growing your career, paying a mortgage and generally preparing your offspring for their respective futures, there comes a time when all that finishes and… then what?

If all you really know is how to support your family and all your work has been geared towards that, what happens when they are old enough to support themselves?

Preparing for retirement is a key activity of this age of 37-55 and given that “retirement” will increasingly mean, “no dependents”, it is important to work out what you want to do post-55.

And for that, a little madness can help.

Jul 302015

Men aged between 37 and 55 (roughly) have a huge amount to offer the world. But are we brave enough to “put it all out there” right when we have children in high school, mortgages to pay, careers to pursue and mature, “retirement” to plan for…? I think it is tremendous that everyone other than […]

Jul 282015

On 10 August, I depart for the Great New Zealand Resilience Roadshow, travelling to Christchurch to pick up an Escape 2 motorhome from Wilderness Motorhomes then moving south through Dunedin and Invercargill before swinging West to move up the West Coast to arrive at Picton to take the ferry to Wellington. Once on the North […]